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Reflex Method Sports Performance

Our Reflex Methods sports performance program is designed to create the Elite total athlete. With a mix of physical and visuomotor reaction training, this program works on every aspect of an athlete’s success. With our Vertimax V8 along with other training tools, we are able to improve the key components of athlete performance; speed, agility, vertical explosiveness and functional strength. With our Dynavision D2 we are able to improve Cognitive and motor reaction time to help prevent injuries and increase the alertness of an athlete. This is a “next level” training program that will teach athletes the skills and techniques necessary to perform at the next level.

Concussion Management with Dynavison

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Why Train Sports Vision?

What sport do you play with your eyes closed ????In the world of competitive sports, athletes are always looking for a way to improve their skills and become bigger, faster and stronger. Training is all about getting the edge on your competition. In the last 20 years, the technology and ability to enhance ones performance in sports has improved dramatically. Athletes are training harder and longer than ever, whether it be in the gym or sport specific. The one thing that is forgotten about is vision training, and without good vision, physical attributes have less effect. Our Reflex Methods program trains athletes in every way, but we feel that vision can be the most important. When athletes have better vision and peripheral awareness, they become much quicker to react to their surroundings, which leads to better decision making under stress, less injuries and just purely being more alert. For training packages and more info about the D2 call; (913)-417-7474 or email at

Concussion Management with the D2

They Dynavision D2 is helping increase the rate of “return to play” decisions being made by coaches and neurologists all over. With this tool and the studies done to prove its effectiveness, athletes who suffered Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries (MTBI or TBI) are able to return to the game they love quickly and safely. The D2 is far superior to the standard ImPACT test in many ways. The most important way being that it tests the gross motor response to the stimulus and requires bilateral movement while in a standing, athletic position so that balance can be evaluated. It is a much more functional test to see whether an athlete is ready to return to live sports. To schedule a baseline or a post-impact test, or for any questions regarding the D2 call; (913)-417-7474 or email

Baseline Test:
Individual – $30
Team of 25 or more – $20/individual

Post-Impact Test:
Individual – $50

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